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Date    : 17 Apr 2018 21:29
Regulations Amendment Survey
Fisheries Queensland have now released multiple surveys based around discussions from the individual working groups.

The first one was released a couple of weeks ago with little to no communication. That survey is with regards to amending the Fisheries Act and has some significant general concerns in addition to some specific concerns around specific questions (Question 2 in particular).

Firstly, it has not been sent to us to distribute through our networks and secondly, to actually find the survey on their website is not straight forward. There is no mention on their home page or their survey page or even their news page. I have provided the link below so please go online and complete the survey(s), we need as many responses as possible to give a strong voice from the recreational sector.

At the end of March the below information was sent out through networks to provide access to the links and some additional information to help. In early April we provided extra information to assist in completing the other surveys. I can forward that to anyone who needs it. At the end of this article are the links to the other surveys and discussion papers.

The Sunfish Committee has considered the survey questions and here is a copy of the questions below and some additional information to assist you. Please add any personal concerns or qualifying comments that you have in the comments section provided when you go online to complete the survey. This is the link to the survey


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